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Steven Seagal

You might wonder why do I want to write about Steven Seagal, but I'll explain. Steven is a 7th degree AIKIDO black belt and as I'm joining AIKIDO too I do not need to explain more :-) I am a member of traditional AIKIDO Kurilla dojo but let's not talk about me but about Steven.

Date Of Birth: 10 April 1951
Birth Location: Lansing, Michigan, USA
Height: 193cm
Occupations: Martial Artist, action star, musician
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After he seesed a Martial Arts exhibition during halftime of a football game, Steven Seagal was captivated and intrigued. It was from there that a burning desire built within him to achieve at the highest possible levels in the Martial Arts. At the age of 17, Steven headed for Japan to immerse himself in Japanese culture and to learn Martial Arts from the masters. Ultimately, Steven became a 7th degree black belt and an Aikido Master, being the first westerner to ever open a Dojo in Japan. Beyond his incredible skill as an Aikido Master, is the spiritual enrichment Steven gained learning Buddhism, the art of meditation and Zen mastery. Steven speaks fluent Japanese and is proud of the respect he has earned in Japan and throughout many parts of Asia.

His accomplishments in Martial Arts and the spiritual teachings of Zen and Japanese culture are big part of Steven's character. It has contributed to his success in acting and music as well as plays a large part in his continued commitment to help others. Steven is well known for his exceptional skills in the art of Aikido, Karate, Judo and Kendo. All the moves millions have seen and admired in his movies are result of his genuine skill and expertise in the Martial Arts.

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