iv ateliry

An idea

Sometimes you might have small dreams and sometimes big dreams and sometimes it's simply nice to act upon your dreams/ideas as you never know what the outcome might be.

Let me share with you my idea that hit me back in 2012 when I saw a series in Czech TV called "Toulava kamera" and part of the show was a story about KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH company about how pencils are created. It was an incredible show and I've decided to contact the company and to share with them one of my drawings to thank to them and their employees to giving an opportunity to people who have passion for drawing. It was well perceived by the company and they send me set of pencils :-)

Zinedine Zidane

Yet the story is not ending here :-) as I kept practicing throughout the years I wanted to share new outcome of my work and I've included my friend Hana Holišová (Czech actor) to it too, who was so nice and signed the drawing. This time I used social media to contact the company so I could send them the newest drawing.

drawing of Hana Holisova, present for KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH

I was surprised when I received the gift and I felt like little child 'as I love pencils'.

koh-i-noor pencils
    So what do I want to say:
  • appraise someone that is bringing you happiness/passion to your life
  • work on your dream/idea/project even if it take few years till you see the outcome