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my dry pastels & other pictures

I'm experimenting with dry pastels technique and here are my outcomes, but I also need to mention as I never had any experiences with it I took a special course at and my huge motivation is following artist: Michael Breyette

I went to for a course called perspective painted by Acryl. I went to for a course called water mirroring painted by Oil. I had creative day :-) and wanted to draw with dry pastels again I've participated on course at živé ateliéry called This is from course called Winter mood at živé ateliéry What an excelent course at živé ateliéry. This was tottal fun! Stone coloring When I saw the shape of stone I immediately thought of Falcon Millenium and I had to paint on it :-) It's tiny stone On ‪#‎9gag‬ I've seen a picture made by ‪#‎LeonidAfremov‬ and I was truly inspired by it, the colors are magnificent and color does trigger people attention, so here is mine one Dry pastel from participating on outcome after 4 hours my very first oil painting... went for course at, not happy with the top part but as said it's my very first oil Yet another stone paperweight. My very first stone paperweight. Never done it before and it was fun, it's different to use brushes instead of pencils Swans - This is wedding gift for a friend of mine. picture for my friend Zuzka and her hubby Bobes format A4, mixture of dry pastels and charcoal pencils format A2, dry pastels, gift for my friend Vierka format A2, dry pastels, gift for my friend Adel Illidan has been prepared for my friend Ruth and traveled to Costa Rica. Format A2 50x35cm, dry pastel, started within and finished it at home and this drawing is with my colleague Rodrigo in Brazil My second try out with dry pastel. This is third out of 3 pictures inspired by Ruth Madrigal's photo; Format A4 Dry pastel from participating on course, outcome after 4 hours