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Auschwitz / Birkenau

Well I do not even know how to start writing and what to say but I always wanted to visit Auschwitz. One day we were talking about this and my friend Matka said that she also want to see it. So I’ve simply chosen a date and had a look to Google how far it is from Bratislava. Well my hubby said that he would like to travel on Friday so we sleep over in some place and go there on Saturday so we have all day for walking. And so it happened.

We came to Auschwitz on Saturday during lunch time the 20th June. It was rainy and ugly day some would say the weather mirrors the place. Few people asked me why would anyone want to see it? Why to go there? But to tell you the truth I would send there each and every person just to see what human being is capable of doing to other people.

I always thought that Auschwitz is bigger place then Birkenau but I was so wrong. You can also see it on the pictures below. Have a look at the pictures that belongs to Auschwitz see the houses? The SS put there between 700 and 1000 people in! Unbelievable!

Block 11 so called “Death block” is covered with high walls. Here was done the killing. Shooting, hanging or hanging a person within his/hers hands by putting them backwards. In the basement are cells where some prisoners were kept. One is totally black and only small window is there from where some air came. Then there are cells big as when you have 4 people standing in total dark with small doors at the bottom of those cells. They were putting there people for the night (they couldn’t lay down) and in the morning they hunt them to work. They’ve put them there for 7 days or even weeks, night after night! Terrible!

Also a place where you can hardly hold your tears is gas chamber. Especially the walls when you see the marks after the nails :-( They filled the place with as many people as possible, closed the door and throw the Zyklon B (gas) in and waited from 15 to 20 minutes till there is silent. :-(

Birkenau is 2km away from Auschwitz but way much bigger I had no idea it is that big! Well see for your self on the pictures.

The rails went directly to gas chambers, either the decision was to gas the whole train or there was the selection done.