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Who or What is "Knowledge empowers"?

Together with my friends and former colleagues - Baruš (Barbara Zemenčíková) & Koláč (Matej Kováč) we started a podcast “Knowledge empowers”. We share our experience because we believe knowledge empowers us and makes us better human beings. You can listen to us on Spotify even watch us on YouTube or listen to us where ever you listen your podcasts:






To have or not to have New year’s resolution?

There is a lot of discussion on the topic whether to have or not to have New Year's resolution(s) and many psychologists recommend not to have one, to prevent frustration from our own failures if we don’t fulfill the resolution.

Why do I even talk about this. Well, when I looked at my art from 2019 I was shocked that I only did 2 proper drawings and 1 from an art course. What on earth was I doing the whole year?! Yes I could start explaining myself that I’ve changed companies, new job and bla bla bla but at the end, a whole year has passed and I did only 2 drawings!!!

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Colorful stones

Looking for something that would allow you to relax and let your thoughts wonder? Nothing as easy as stone colouring.

All you will need are stones (any that you find outside), acrylic colours, brushes, water, vanish :-) What else? Let your fantasy wonder and create anything that you like, in case you are still not too sure, search on Pinterest for inspiration.

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When a dream comes true (My first art show)

I played with the thought of having an art show for some time and I knew I need to have enough drawings to exhibit. However, how many is enough? Well, I played with the numbers of between 14 to 21 and ended up with 16 :-) It took me 5 years to collect or rather to draw pictures for myself (normally pictures I draw are gifted to someone). Once I reached the number 16 I said to myself that's it, it's time to have the show!

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It was time for education on the biggest Social media conference #EngagePrague 2017

#EngagePrague is a Social media conference hosted by Socialbakers and is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. I had the pleasure to be there on Friday all day and I left stunned, inspired and motivated.

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An idea

Sometimes you might have small dreams and sometimes big dreams and sometimes it's simply nice to act upon your dreams/ideas as you never know what the outcome might be.

Let me share with you my idea that hit me back in 2012 when I saw a series in Czech TV called "Toulava kamera" and part of the show was a story about KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH company about how pencils are created.

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Do you have an art school? Where did you learn to draw?

These are the 2 typical questions I'm asked almost on daily bases. And actually I never know how to answer them, cause the truth is, I do have an art school but that doesn't mean I've got the talent since I was born. At school I learnt how to draw or basically we were taught all different type of techniques where I discovered that I have passion for pencils.

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I feel so honored! My art friend David from DeviantArt has drawn a picture for me, FOR ME! He did a compilation of my nick name and this is the outcome: with following words: "I did this for a colleague of mine that is always doing art work for someone else."

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Wachau, Valley in Austria

AWachau, Valley in Austria Thanks to tip from one of my managers (Gorazd) we went to Wachau. It’s a valley in Austria about 120km from Bratislava. Well cause our big car needs to go to service we went with Luigi.

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Nový Zéland

Nový Zéland 9 dní, 6 motelov, 375 mostov a 358 234 oviec ... iba že by som sa mýlil
Týždeň pobytu na Novom Zélande som s mojou manželkou vymenil, už ani neviem presne za čo. Vymenil, poviete si, áno, doslova vymenil. V našej rodinnej demokracii totiž funguje perfektný systém niečo za niečo. Podobne ako v parlamente: „My podporíme váš zákon, a potom zase vy náš“. Niekedy sa to síce zvrtne v môj neprospech, no zatiaľ nebol vážnejší dôvod tento systém meniť. Nový Zéland bol jednou z krajín, do ktorej som sa chcel už niekoľko rokov pozrieť, no nemal som príležitosť.

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Auschwitz / Birkenau

Auschwitz / Birkenau Well I do not even know how to start writing and what to say but I always wanted to visit Auschwitz. One day we were talking about this and my friend Matka said that she also want to see it. So I’ve simply chosen a date and had a look to Google how far it is from Bratislava. Well my hubby said that he would like to travel on Friday so we sleep over in some place and go there on Saturday so we have all day for walking. And so it happened.

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New ferret cage

New ferret cage Today we've fineshed the new ferret cage for our now only ferret Betinka. The cage has been build by my brother-in-law with help of my hubby :-)

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Schloß Schönbrunn

Schloß Schönbrunn As today is Easter Friday we've decided to go on trip not so far away from Bratislava. My sister-in-law chose to go to Vienna to take Gold Pass in Schöbrunn. Within this Gold Pass you have 9 attractions to go through. Today we've done 3 :-)

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My embroidery work

vecer bojovych umeni Check some of my emroidery work. Time to time I need to take the needle into my hands instead of pencils :-)

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My favorite books

My favorite books You might wonder what do I wanna write about but it is only about me and what I love to read, and about some of my very nice collections (“at least for me”).

At this moment I am in love with all of the books from Dominik Dán. He is Slovak writer born in 1955.

Author writes about criminal cases which are happening in “Our city”. You will never find the real name of the city even though he is mentioning the suburbs so you know it is “Our city/Bratislava” :-) Each and every book is so different even though there is the same group of detectives from homicide unit. I’ve read all 7 books within 2 weeks and you can not even imagine how happy I was when I found on that there is brand new book out! Whohoooo :-D

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Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal You might wonder why do I want to write about Steven Seagal, but I'll explain. Steven is a 7th degree AIKIDO black belt and as I'm joining AIKIDO too I do not need to explain more :-) I am a member of traditional AIKIDO Kurilla dojo but let's not talk about me but about Steven.

After he seesed a Martial Arts exhibition during halftime of a football game, Steven Seagal was captivated and intrigued. It was from there that a burning desire built within him to achieve at the highest possible levels in the Martial Arts. At the age of 17, Steven headed for Japan to immerse himself in Japanese culture and to learn Martial Arts from the masters.

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Slovakia - Little Big Country

Slovakia - Little Big Country Check this amazing video about Slovakia so called "The Real Promotion Video on Slovakia". You might feel like watching the trailer for American movie but that is only due to the familiar voice you hear ;-) Also check the other link for travelers, and you might consider to visit Slovakia ;-)

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my Ferrets

It all started when I knew I really wanted a pet. I was initially thinking of a dog but thought, it might not be good for a dog when my husband and I frequently return late from work. At a friends house one night, we found just what we were seeking: a ferret. His name was Stinky, the ferret, not the friend, and, I loved him at first sight. I went on to research how best to care for these animals, and, when I had all the information, I convinced my husband to get one for us.

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Aikido means different things to different people: some may consider it to be an ideal fitness activity; others will view it as an ideal self-defense system. We think that Aikido may come to mean a lot more: it can become a path through which you will know yourself better, or even change yourself for the better. Reflections on the surface of a pool of water will tell you little about its depth. It is better to light a candle than damn the darkness.

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